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6a Mitchell Road, Palm Beach

NSW, Australia

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The Bible Garden is a quiet, contemplative, Christian garden made up of a series of gently descending, intimate grassed terraces that lead down to a viewing area providing spectacular views. The pond contributes to its tranquillity and provides a water habitat for biblical plants.

 Located in the northern Sydney region containing a Bible and a biblical plaque in an attractively landscaped setting, Gerald Hercules Robinson established the Bible Garden in the 1960s. He believed that ‘The Garden and the view behind it provide a perfect example of the glory of God’s creation’. 

The Bible Garden at Palm Beach has both an inclusive and distinctly Christian character :

  • It welcomes people holding a wide range of world views, both visitors and supporters.
  • The Garden includes distinctively Christian references: its naming as the ‘Bible Garden’; plants of the Bible with labels and biblical references; the plaque with Bible verses and references; the Biblecentrally located in a weatherproof box; the inscribed ‘thank offering box’ and the wooden cross.

Surrounded by residential housing, the Bible Garden is the only place where the northerly, open, panoramic and iconic view of the full crescent of Palm Beach, Barrenjoey, Pittwater, the national parks and the central coast can be enjoyed by the public. It is a favoured destination and valued place for locals and visitors to the area.

The Bible Garden, with its impressive views over Palm Beach and Pittwater, is well landscaped and provides a tranquil setting, which is well known in the Pittwater region as a place for weddings, and as a public garden offering a lookout in a contemplative setting.The garden may be booked for weddings, christenings or other suitable occasions






Non-profit community organisation that is responsible for management, conservation, maintenance and enhancement of the Bible Garden at Palm Beach.