Friends of the Palm Beach Bible Garden NSW



Is a non-profit community organization that is responsible for management, maintenance and conservation of the Bible Garden.

Pittwater Council, owner of the garden, recognizes the Committee of the Friends of the Bible Garden as a Committee of Council.

Objectives & Activities of the Friends of the Bible Garden

The following objectives and activities are undertaken by the Friends of the Garden:

  1. To promote the Bible Garden as a place of ecumenical contemplation and consideration of God’s creation, the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. There is a Bible on site.
  2. To assist Pittwater Council in conserving and maintaining the garden for public enjoyment
  3. To organize volunteer gardeners who:
    Maintain the garden by weeding, planting, and labeling the plants, with Common name, Botanical name and biblical References.
    Organize a roster system of gardeners so that the garden is maintained on a weekly basis as well as quarterly working bees.
    Promoting good relationships with near by residents.

Support the continuing beauty of the Bible Garden

You can support the garden by joining the Friends of the Bible Garden.

Annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Individuals and families $15
  • Students & pensioners $10

To apply for membership please download the membership form below:
Palm Beach Bible Garden – Membership Form

Simply joining or helping with general running of the garden, such as weeding, watering, pruning, planting or organizing the rosters or printing of the annual Newsletter – all helps support the garden.

For further details please contact a committee member

Stuart Spring
P: 02 9974 4635

Susie Holman
P: 02 9974 4986

Garden Committee:
Julie Bennett
P: 02 9974 5393